Focused on helping those who call themselves 'Boss'

I started Gig Serious to provide small scale, cost effective business systems for the self employed. Nearly 15 million people categorize themselves as ‘self employed’. For those lucky individuals that get to call themselves ‘Boss’ comes the responsibilities of an employer, such as paying for both the employee and employer share of taxes. And while businesses spend beaucoup bucks on lawyers and accountants to take advantage of all the tax benefits that come with running a business, the self employed generally don’t have those same resources and time. Tax laws are not written for the average person, making large businesses richer and leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

So let me help you capitalize on the benefits of running your own business and being self employed. I can’t wait to help you get serious about your gig, whatever it may be!

Though my website is under construction, I am here to help you in whatever way I can. You can fill out the contact form below or simply call 503-550-8824.