about me

about me

work experience

My work has always been my passion. I thrive on project-based work over multiple disciplines. I’ve worked in many capacities as both a W2 employee and independent contractor. I have experience in the following field

  • Real estate 
  • IT 
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Asset Management
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • HR
  • Economic Analysis
  • Property Management


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why I started Gig Serious

I love project-based work and have always been quite savvy on tax codes and the inner workings of businesses as both my parents are entrepreneurs. Over the years I have provided tips and tricks to friends and acquaintances who are self-employed to help them take advantage of the tax benefits available to them.

During a friend’s housewarming party in 2018 I spoke to several self-employed individuals that wanted to chat with me about their business. It was then that I realized I could really make a difference for so many and help create systems that not only make a business run but also make taxes a breeze.

what's in a name

Gig Serious is helping the self-employed get serious about their gig! Whatever your gig might be, from drivers to musicians to real estate agents, Gig Serious can help you achieve your goals and get serious about your gig. I provide consulting and coaching services to self employed individuals with customized programs and results to get you to where you want to be.

who I am

I live in Forest Grove, Oregon, a short distance from Portland. I am married with two of the cutest dogs; a scrappy chihuahua and a blue healer-beagle mix. They are both rescues, get away with everything, and are loved unconditionally!

Three years ago my husband and I bought a house in need of major renovations. Three years later we are still working on it and mostly loving it.

Gig Serious

Get Serious About Your Gig