customized program

customized program

price varies


Completely customized to your goals, business, industry, and schedule. 

You decide the timeline. We can work intensively over a short period of time or slowly over the course of a year.

You decide your level of involvement. I can be your coach as you setup systems and solutions or you can choose to have a solution delivered to you fully setup. 

You decide the results you want. You can come to me with a specific goal and we can create a program that accomplishes that goal. Maybe you don’t know what your goal is, you just know you want or need something to change; tell me about the challenges you currently face and I’ll recommend solutions and a program to get you to where you want to be.

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how it works


targeted consultation in-person or by phone.


customized program developed by both of us to fit your goals and schedule.


timeline with consideration to your schedule and level of desired involvement.

example programs

I have helped my clients achieve a wide range of goals, both business and personal. Each plan is customized to your goals, schedule, and ability to pay. Below are some examples of custom packages I have developed for my clients.

– Implement an easy accounting system for personal finances

– Create invoicing system and managing client relationships

– Determine best business structures for various income streams to optimize tax benefits

– Complete setup of accounting system for use by client and employees. Full training with documentation and support.

– Tax records organization and prep for tax preparer or CPA

– Employee training on various systems, expectations, and job roles including documentation

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always included in my programs

  • Consultation
  • Unlimited email support
  • Timelines and meeting agendas to keep us on track
  • Action items at the end of every meeting
  • Individualized educational materials, as applicable

timeline & sessions

In situations where work is not able to be done outside our sessions, for whatever reasons, it may be necessary to add additional sessions at your expense to accomplish our tasks.

If you book and pay for additional sessions before the end of our last session together, you will be given a discounted session rate that will be determined when we create your customized program plan. If you decide at a later date that you need or want additional session(s) then you must purchase each additional session at the regular price of $95.

I will do my best to keep us on track so that we may accomplish everything in the given time-frame. I will let you know if we are lagging. I will provide you a timeline so you can visualize what tasks need to be done over the course of our work together. I will also provide lists of tasks and action items at the end of every session. These can be used to keep you on task between sessions. Click here to inquire about this plan.

how to get the most out of your sessions

To get the most out of our sessions, I recommend completing tasks and to do lists between meetings so we can address issues and move onto new material each meeting.

Taking advantage of your unlimited email support between meetings will allow you to address any questions or complications you might experience and efficiently move through your work. 


scheduling is based around your availability and level of intensity of the program we develop. I always suggest scheduling at least 3 meetings in advance to provide a soft deadlines to work around. This is just a suggestion and can be discussed when developing our customized program plan.