tax ready package

tax ready package



Determine deductions and write offs. Find relevant records. Organize, categorize, and make sense of any chaos. Get you ready to tackle taxes and avoid overwhelm. Click here to inquire about this plan.


  • 1 30-minute targeted initial consultation
  • 4 1-hour educational and/or work sessions
  • Individualized write-off and deduction analysis
  • Tax season timeline
  • Action items at the end of every meeting
  • Individualized educational materials, as applicable

how it works


targeted consultation in-person or by phone to discuss all receipts, records, and write-offs.


personalized analysis of your qualified write-offs. Help organize and find records to support your write-offs.


determine timeline with consideration to your schedule and April 15 (tax day)

in depth program description

During our targeted initial consultation, we will discuss you, your business, your strengths, and challenges you face. I will provide individualized analysis on which write offs and tax deductions you may be eligible for this tax year. We’ll look at any and all readily-accessible records, determine if there are any gaps in records, and how to fill them. Then we’ll get to work collecting, sorting, and categorizing your records correctly so you are ready to file your taxes. Together, we will work to get you and your business ready for tax season.

This package includes a targeted initial consultation and four (4) one-hour sessions that will include both working and educational sessions. The pace we go is up to you and dependent on the work you do outside our sessions. Click here to inquire about this plan.

timeline & sessions

In situations where work is not able to be done outside our sessions, for whatever reasons, it may be necessary to add additional sessions at your expense to accomplish our tasks.

If you book and pay for additional sessions before the end of our last session together, you will be given the discounted rate of $75 per session. If you decide at a later date that you need or want additional session(s) then you must purchase each additional session at the regular price of $95.

I will do my best to keep us on track so that we may accomplish everything in the given time-frame. I will let you know if we are lagging. I will provide you a timeline so you can visualize what tasks need to be done over the course of our work together. I will also provide lists of tasks and action items at the end of every session. These can be used to keep you on task between sessions. Click here to inquire about this plan.

how to get the most out of your sessions

To get the most out of your sessions, I suggest you write a list of all the records you know you have and even start collecting them. If you don’t know if it’s a business record, include it and we look them all over together.


Sessions can start as early as November and scheduled no later than April 10th. I encourage the first session to occur no later than February 1st to reduce stress for both parties. We will schedule all sessions at our first meeting.