Prior to working with Michelle,  I had little sense of how to best manage my money and I wasn’t even sure how much I made each year. Michelle helped me come up with an easy system that makes managing my finances, accounting for the ebbs and flows of freelance income, and planning for tax season SO much easier. She doesn’t tell you what to do; instead she works with you to come up with a system that works with your lifestyle. Her system has already made my life so much easier; I have a far better sense of what I am earning and what my business expenses are totaling, and I feel confident and organized going into the new year. I have always been very private when it comes to money, and Michelle was never judgmental- she was always an encouraging, great listener.

Michelle also goes out of her way to become knowledgeable about your specific field (for example, she looked up a lot of information which pertains specifically to freelance writing) and she saved me a ton of time I would have spent researching. She has the ability to distill complex information into easy to understand explanations. Working with Michelle has been a gift and I now feel genuinely excited and capable when it comes to managing my money. I have zero qualms about tax season this year when normally I would be dreading it.  I couldn’t recommend her services more to freelancers!

Grace, Freelance Writer

Michelle has been instrumental in the progress of my business.  With her help, I was able to not only gain knowledge around taxes as an independent contractor but also gain insight into what running a business should look like.  I went from bumbling idiot to full-on boss lady!  If you are an independent contractor, I highly recommend Michelle’s services.  She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and held my hand through the entire process.  I am a better business owner because of it!

Amy, realtor

For years I had been talking about setting up a personal expense accounting system but wasn’t sure quite how to do it. Finally, with Michelle’s professional guidance and patience, I have in place the easy to use system that I had hoped for and the knowledge that Michelle will be there to help me navigate any difficulties I may encounter in using it.

Beth, retired

When I went to music school, being a small business owner was not something I aspired to and I certainly never took classes for it. Now, after 20 years in my field, it’s clear to me that I’m a small business owner whose product happens to be music.

I have been frustrated for years by the lack of comprehensive resources for someone in my position. Enter Michelle. Michelle has, literally, been the answer to all my questions. She is highly intelligent, organized, diligent and she’s made it her business to know the ins and outs of working with individuals like me, including the best products and apps to use for tracking expenses, mileage, etc. If she doesn’t have an answer she will find it. 

What really sets her service apart, for me, though is the attention to setting up good habits and rituals around taking care of my business, and following up! It’s one thing to receive helpful information, but it’s much more valuable to set up the systems and habits so that I can understand and do these things on my own with confidence. I trust Michelle implicitly and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you!

Jessica, Musician