terms and conditions

Further conditions are included with my service contract. These are for quick reference only.

Payment & Contract

Payment is due before services are rendered.

A signed contract for services is due before services are rendered.

I will send you a contract ahead of our first session. If you have concerns about the contract, they must be brought up ahead of our initial consultation or first session. I will make any needed adjustments to the contract and bring the updated version for your signature before any services are rendered.

At our initial consultation or session you will be responsible for acknowledging the terms and conditions of the contract, singing the contract, and providing payment for the contracted service or package.

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling and cancellations must take place two (2) business days prior to the scheduled appointment time or you agree to forfeit that session. Exceptions will be at my discretion.

Meeting Space

I provide my clients with the option of meeting at their office (be it at home or elsewhere), at a convenient location such as a coffee shop, at my home office in Forest Grove, or over the phone. I can also reserve office space on SW Macadam for a very reasonable rate at the client’s expense.


My responsibility to You is to maintain a confidential and judgement-free space in which We can work. I agree to not disclose your confidential information, for any reason, without your express written consent.


I DO NOT provide services related to accounting and tax preparation, NOR do I provide legal counsel, therapy, or that of any licensed professional listed here or otherwise.

I will not serve in any capacity other than a consultant and coach.

I cannot be held liable for decisions you make in your business dealings, including both operational and financial areas. I cannot be held liable for any misuse or non-use of systems we work on in our sessions nor for augmentation of systems. I will work with my best effort to assist you in every way that I can under the law. I will work under the assumption that all information you provide me is full, correct, and truthful.

I recommend to all my clients that they seek the services of licensed professionals whenever they are needed and to not use my services as a substitute. You agree that any services I provide are not a substitute for engaging an accountant, bookkeeper, CPA, tax preparer, attorney, therapist, wealth manager or any other professional not listed here.